Medical Design Briefs Features Lumetrics Article: Non-Contact, Light-based Measurements for Medical Balloons and Catheters

One of the most prevalent measurement devices in a medical balloon or catheter manufacturing facility is the micrometer gauge. It is simple and inexpensive. But, this measurement technique is subject to a high degree of operator variability. Another limitation is that it measures total thickness only, and not the actual individual wall thickness. Furthermore, a micrometer compresses the measured part, and must, by design, come into contact with the material. The micrometer does not provide engineers with the precise and detailed information they need to develop and improve production processes. What other issues are there? Read More

Medical Design Briefs Features Lumetrics Article: Non-Contact, Light-based Measurements for Medical Balloons and Catheters

Tested Samples: Medical Balloon Thickness Measurement

thickness measurement, medical balloon

Should using a micrometer and taking a double wall thickness measurement be the industry standard for medical balloon measurement?  No, it shouldn’t.  Here’s why.

Tested Samples: Medical Balloon Thickness Measurement

Tested Samples: Critical Adhesive Thickness Measurement

adhesive thickness measurement

Sometimes the simplest things cause the biggest problems.  Whether it’s tablet computers, cell phones, medical devices, or other products, the thickness of an adhesive layer can be critical.  Read more.

Tested Samples: Critical Adhesive Thickness Measurement

Thickness Measurement Files: 7 Things We Can Measure

1) Absorbable Stents – Read a great article on how a New Standard Focuses on Testing of Absorbable Stents 

Thickness Measurement, Abbott Absorbable Stent
We can measure absorbable stents. Picture credit: Abbott Vascular’s polymer-based Absorb bioresorbable stent.

2. Food Packaging– We can make sure your food packaging is of the highest quality, meets all safety standards, and prevents waste during manufacturing.  It’s also very crucial to make sure you don’t have to issue a recall due to safety issues.  Read More

3) Medical Balloons– When it comes to medical balloon measurement, Lumetrics® has the capabilities to replace archaic methods of inspection like the micrometer and razor blade. Our measurement systems are a seamless replacement to provide highly accurate, consistent, non-contact, and non-destructive measurements for a variety of medical device products.  Read More

thickness measurement, lumetrics
Cell phone glass thickness measurement.

4) Cell Phone Glass– From our file of “Thickness Measurement” challenges comes Cell phone glass and its structure. It’s very easy for the OptiGauge to measure multiple layers of a product, but how does an engineer know what is good or bad? Protective film, adhesive, outer glass- no problem. We’re often asked to measure the structure, especially the inner layers, which is one of our many areas of expertise. We provide the gold standard of thickness measurement- generating results with an accuracy of .000004″.  Read More

film thickness measurement
Multilayer film thickness measurement

5) Multilayer Film Thickness Measurement–  Multilayer film thickness measurement provides a challenge to the manufacturers who produce complex films or other light-permeable materials, and the quality personnel who need to inspect them. Antiquated measurement methods are time consuming and often inaccurate. The results may depend more on the accuracy of a weight scale or the sharpness of a razor blade than a true measurement of the product. New, stricter FDA regulations require many products/materials to have NIST traceable inspection history, as well as information that cannot be obtained using obsolete inspection methods. Lumetrics® is the film thickness measurement authority. The OptiGauge™ uses innovative light technology to provide non-destructive, accurate, real-time, film thickness measurement for all types of multilayer films and thin film coatings whether co-extruded, coated, or laminated.  Read More

tubing thickness measurement
Tubing thickness measurement by Lumetrics.

6) Tubing Thickness Measurement– In order to meet stringent manufacturing requirements, medical tubing manufacturers strive to maintain consistent and precise wall thickness, inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), concentricity, and the reduction of ovality. Accurate thickness measurement of these components is critical to product quality and the safe practice of patient care.

Utilizing innovative optical measurement technology, Lumetrics’ OptiGauge™ is a non-contact medical tubing and catheter thickness measurement system in use throughout the medical industry for dimensional testing of all types of extruded tubing products. Lumetrics has also developed another new measurement fixture- the LumetriScan™ 360. The LumetriScan™ 360 provides a system for advanced catheter measurement that provides consistent, NIST traceable, and real-time measurement in the production process.  More Information

opthalmic thickness measurement
Opthalmic product thickness measurement solutions.

7) Opthalmic Product Thickness Measurement– Today’s ophthalmic products require precise dimensional control to provide the fit and comfort that doctors require and customers demand. Lumetrics’ OptiGauge™ can be integrated into the production line or the quality assessment process, providing real-time measurement of ophthalmic products. The OptiGauge™ provides peace of mind to production and QA by providing inspection on up to 100 percent of all products.  More

Thickness Measurement Files: 7 Things We Can Measure

Lumetrics Expands on National Science Foundation Research to Develop Revolutionary Tissue-measurement System

Rochester, New York (PRWEB) February 05, 2014

Even though tissue from animals is often used to manufacture artificial heart valves and other medical organs for the human body, manufacturers often rely on antiquated methods to inspect such tissue. The thickness of this tissue is critical to how these organs function, yet, too often, manufacturers use crude mechanical gauges to measure it.

Read More Here

Lumetrics Expands on National Science Foundation Research to Develop Revolutionary Tissue-measurement System

MD&M West 2014

Lumetrics, Inc. will be exhibiting at the MD&M West 2014 trade show and exhibition on February 11th-13th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.  Their booth (#2043) is located in the quality section of the show.

Make sure to stop by their booth to learn more about the latest product acquisition from WaveFront Sciences, an Abbott company, as well as how Lumetrics, Inc. can help solve your product measurement challenges.  If you’re interested in setting up an appointment to discuss specific questions with our executive leadership team, please fill out the form below.

MD&M West 2014

Lumetrics Acquisition: Assets to improve quality control for lenses; to open market for new scientific apps.

Rochester, New York, July 10, 2012 – Lumetrics Inc. announced today that it is acquiring key assets of the former WaveFront Sciences Company from Abbott.  This business transaction will allow Lumetrics to expand its repertoire of services and grow its business substantially.

Lumetrics, begun in Rochester in 2003, is known for its OptiGauge system, which is designed to reduce production time and enhance quality for the manufacturers of medical devices, optics, and industrial materials.

Two of the three new assets will help Lumetrics in one of its main areas of business – that of assisting lens-makers with quality control.  The new assets include the ClearWave and CrystalWave products, critical in the ophthalmics industry for the production of contact lenses and intraocular lenses.  With these acquisitions, Lumetrics will now be able to help contact lens makers and lens-implant makers reach unprecedented levels of precision.  The ultimate goal is to help manufacturers produce consistently clear, comfortable, and reliable contact and IOL lenses.

With a third product, the CLAS-2D sensor, Lumetrics will have the ability to monitor quality in several new arenas, most notably that of laser light.  The sensor can measure, align, and direct laser light, allowing Lumetrics to work with everything from microscopic optics to satellite communications.

Lumetrics, which started at High Tech Rochester’s (HTR) Lennox Tech Enterprise Center, is expected to grow by 40 percent, with the new acquisitions.  “The WaveFront Sciences products are a perfect fit to our business,” said John Hart, CEO Lumetrics®.  “We share the same ophthalmic customer base and this acquisition allows us to merge our technologies to provide a more feature-rich offering to solve customer problems that neither company could do on its own.”

The new CLAS-2D offering allows Lumetrics® to enter a whole new market with existing and new products.   “We are excited about obtaining such an important diagnostic tool,” Hart said.   “This allows us to better serve our customers and we look forward to the significant growth opportunities these products will bring.”

Lumetrics® closed on the acquisition in July and is in the process of the knowledge transfer to its Rochester, New York headquarters.  Lumetrics® will continue to work with key individuals from WaveFront Sciences, including hardware and software engineers and sales & marketing individuals.  Terms of the acquisition will remain confidential.

“We have finalized orders for new systems, as well as maintenance and service contracts for existing systems,” said Steve Heveron-Smith, Vice President of Business Development.  “Our engineering team, furthermore, is already talking with customers on combined Lumetrics® and WaveFront Sciences products.”

About Lumetrics®

Lumetrics® has invented an accurate, non-contact measurement system designed to reduce production cycle time, and enhance quality control for manufacturers of medical devices, optics, and industrial materials.  Lumetrics has installations of its OptiGauge thickness measurement system in six of the top 11 medical device manufacturers in the world.  The systems measure balloons, catheters, stents, and many other medical products.  Lumetrics® systems are deployed in quality control departments, R&D labs, and production floors providing real-time measurements to increase yields, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Lumetrics Acquisition: Assets to improve quality control for lenses; to open market for new scientific apps.