Can You Measure It?

Medical Balloon Measurement

thickness measurement, medical balloon

Using a micrometer and taking a double wall thickness measurement should not be the industry standard for medical balloon measurement?  No, it shouldn’t.  Here’s why.

Critical Adhesive Thickness Measurement

adhesive thickness measurement

Sometimes the simplest things cause the biggest problems.  Whether it’s tablet computers, cell phones, medical devices, or other products, the thickness of an adhesive layer can be critical.  Read more.

Thickness Measurement of Blow Molded Bottles

thickness measurement of blow molded bottle

Can you measure a Paracin straw as it’s being extruded?  Yes.  You can, and from two feet away.  Read More

Cell Phone Thickness Measurement

From our file of “thickness measurement” challenges comes cell phone glass and its structure.  It’s very easy for the OptiGauge™ to measure multiple layers of a product, but how does an engineer know what is good or bad?  Protective film, adhesive, outer glass- no problem.  We’re often asked to measure the structure, especially the inner layers, and we do that very well! Read more

Rock Salt Thickness Measurement

A few Lumetrics engineers were sitting around talking about what sorts of things we have measured and what interesting, or ordinary, things we can measure the thickness of. So, as we are asked to make thickness measurements of different objects, or as we think of things that would be fun to measure, we’ll be bringing them to you.  Next up- rock salt! Read More

Thickness Measurement of the Depth of an Insert

From our file of “Thickness Measurement” challenges comes a depth measurement application. Here’s another aspect of thickness measurement that the OptiGauge is ideal for – high precision depth measurement. Read More


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