Lumetrics, Inc. Axial Length Patent Approved, Will Advance Patient Care in Ocular Health

Rochester, NY- February 23, 2011- Lumetrics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of world-class precision thickness measurement technology has received patent approval for their newest technology for evaluating internal structure of human eye. The United States Patent #7884946 is titled “Apparatus for Measurement of the Axial Length of an eye.”

With the U.S. population of over 65 year old expected to be over 70 million in 2030 and world populations increasing at a similar rate, there is a dramatic need for tools to treat the wave of eye diseases and problems expected with that population.  Diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataract disease will climb tremendously.  Information about the structure of the eye is required in refractive surgeries, which deal with replacement of the natural crystalline lens.

“The system will allow eye surgeons to obtain highly reliable comprehensive data about the patient’s eye with no discomfort to the patient . . . the technology also allows for seamless integration with other existing ophthalmic instruments, and can even be used in real time during cataract surgery to monitor proper placement of the artificial lens inside the patient’s eye” explains Filipp Ignatovich, Principal Scientist at Lumetrics.

This patent approval is a significant milestone for Lumetrics – it marks a segue into instrumentation for use in the ophthalmic and medical fields.

For additional information on Lumetrics’ technology, contact Todd Blalock, Chief Technology Officer at 585-214-2455 Extension 109.

About Lumetrics

Lumetrics has developed a proven and accurate, non-contact measurement system designed to reduce production cycle time, and enhance quality control for medical device, optics, and industrial materials manufacturers. For more information about Lumetrics, Inc., visit



For More Information:

Steve Heveron-Smith

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

585-214-2455 x 102

Lumetrics, Inc. Axial Length Patent Approved, Will Advance Patient Care in Ocular Health

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