MD&M East 2010 is coming!

Being that we are the authority on dimensional measurement, we obviously have many industry partners and like minded companies that we would love to network with!  We always participate in the Medical Design and Manufacturing trade shows. On June 8th we will be in booth #1873 featuring one-on-one demonstrations and tutorials using our OptiGauge and RoLSS machines.  You can set up an appointment so we can show you pertinent information per your specific need for thickness measurement.  Here are some pictures from our last MD&M West trade show:

MD&M West 2010:

Frank is very knowledgeable about our technology.


He even has the evidence to back it up!


Lumetrics' Gary German and customer


Scott Hall, of FACTS, talks about online tubing.
Steve Heveron-Smith discusses RoLSS with a customer

 Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the trade show, or to set up your appointment.   Steve Heveron-Smith can be reached at 585-734-3394 and Gary German can be reached at 585-233-3618.  Additionally, if you do set up your one-on-one tutorial ahead of time, you can also bring in some samples so we can give you some “best practices.”  Looking forward to seeing everyone- and in the meantime- feel free to check out the MD&M East website below!

MD&M East 2010 is coming!

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